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Or how about just simply all-around storyteller?




I’m a passionate storyteller who likes to capture the essence of humanity, while helping others see their world differently, and make sound decisions as a result. At best, I hope to teach understanding and spread hope through my storytelling.

As a journalist, my topics of interest are politics, education, social issues and all things international related, including cultural events here in New York.  I have done both print and video journalism during the course of my career. I hold an M.A. from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and I’ve worked, interned or freelanced at such places as MSNBC, New York 1 News, and Corner News Media. Currently, I am a field reporter for the New York Post.

I am a photographer, though some would say it is only a hobby. But I am hoping to change that! You can find me on Instagram, and even purchase some of my photos on Twenty20. Better yet, check out my photos on the link above.

I’ve even self-published a novel, though that’s under a different name.

As for my poetry, I have read my poems at open mikes all over Brooklyn. Maybe someday I’ll publish my poems in a book.

If you’d like to contact me for information about me or my work, feel free to email me at contact [at] meganmcgibney.com

Thanks for stopping by!
– Megan McGibney